Holidays in Jute Mills in West Bengal

Festival / National Holidays With Pay - 2019 in Jute Mills in west Bengal

Nine scheduled festival / National Holidays with pay have been granted to jute mills workers in West Bengal since 1951 in pursuance of the Award of the Second Omnibus Tribunal.

The occasions of these festival/national holidays with pay and the days on which they are likely to fall in 2019 are given below :

Sl.No. Date Day Holiday for
01 26th January Saturday Republic Day
02 21st March Thursday Dolyatra
03 5th June Wednesday Id-Ul-Fitre
04 12th August Monday Id-Ud-Zoha (Bakri Eid)
05 15th August Thursday Independence Day
06 10th September Tuesday Muharram
07 2nd October Wednesday Gandhi Birthday
08 7th October Monday Durgapuja (MahaNabami)
09 8th October Tuesday Vijaya Dashami

The terms and conditions governing the grant of festival/National Holiday with pay should continue to be as before.